Welcome to my personal portfolio page where you can find a snippet of what I’m interested in, working on and learning about.

**I’m open to explore new opportunities and start another project.

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💻  UX/UI Designer

🎓 Computer Science & Econometrics

📍 Live in Warsaw, Poland

🎙️ Speak Polish, English

“Design is an iterative process and a constant work in progress”

Hi, my name is Gosia ✨

and I’m a UX/UI Designer

I’m fully dedicated to achieve my goal of infusing cultural nuances into my design process and drawing inspiration from them to continually improve my skills. With experience as a former PMO, I bring expertise in delivering projects according to plan and within budget. Attention to detail, organizational skills, and a passion for delivering high-quality work drive my commitment to excellence in every task I tackle.

When I’m not working you can find me taking care of my fast and furious Pomsky puppy or chilling with Taiwanese tea.

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Send me an email: [email protected]

DM me on LinkedIn: @kowalczykmalgorzata

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